The Books

At the Lilith Club, we pride ourselves on our discretion. However, we have allowed several of our partners and staff members to write little entertainments. Enjoy these erotic excursions into our world, please.


Ms. Rowan's Secretaries

Ms. Rowan’s secretaries endure a punishment week.

Ms. Rowan’s Secretaries
Ms. Rowan has two secretaries: elegant Allison and bouncy Belinda. When she adds a third, beautiful Taylor, as a favor to a friend, she discovers tensions and insecurities in her office. She addresses this with a very thorough punishment week including paddling, spanking, whipping, bondage, anal plugs, mouth soaping, rulers on hands, and other intimate persuasions.

This full-length novel invites you to explore the cloistered world of the Lilith Club, where women of a certain sort inflict pain and pleasure in unequal measure on their staff members. Ms. Rowan’s narrative is complemented by Allison’s journal as she grows in her submission and her understanding of her own emotions, needs, and dark desires.


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