Private Staff

Members of the Club are encouraged to acquire a private staff. We have special provisions in the standard contracts for hiring private staff, so if any of our girls catch your fancy and are willing, you may contract to them to private services.

There are generally two levels of personal staff.

Personal assistants are constant companions, providing the intimate and round-the-clock attention for their partners. They live with the partner — in the Club’s living quarters or in private residence. Other partners may not interact with your personal assitant without your permission. Each partner and personal assistant have their own unique contract.

Private staff provide a more specified set of services. You may contract a secretary or maid or pet. These staff members live at their own homes. Again, no other partner may interact with a private staff member without your permission.

Ms. Rowan, the Club’s in-house attorney, is happy to provide assistance with writing contracts for private staff or for personal assistants.


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