About the Club

Welcome to the Lilith Club, an exclusive retreat for women of a certain taste. We have an extensive staff of women who are all eager and willing to fulfill your every need. Please let one of the Cafeteria Girls know if they fail in any way, whatsoever.

Any such infractions will be soundly punished.

We are located in a discreet brownstone in Boston, and have office space as well as living space available. Members also have access to the Cafeteria, the thematic rooms, and the Blue Room, for private entertainments. Our thematic rooms include the classic Gothic pleasures of the Old Dungeon, the exotic entertainments of the Seraglio, an old-fashioned school room for naughty pupils, an authentic stable for ponies, and a New Dungeon for those who prefer their pain in an airy light-filled atmosphere.

Partners may also avail themselves of the Library, which contains one of the finest collections of erotica on the East Coast. In addition, it offers a wide selection of handy ottomans, rattan canes, and sturdy desks.

For the sake of privacy — and tradition — all partners are known by pseudonyms. In the Boston office, we chose names associated with trees, please. In the Manhattan office, colors. Ms. Willow is happy to advise you on which names have already been taken. The Cafeteria Girls can be easily identified by their floral names. If you have any questions about the Cafeteria Staff, please ask Miss Daisy.


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